Millionaire Mansion

Spin Your Way To Riches


Creative Director, Designer


March 2018- June 2018

Key Responsibilities

ui design, art direction

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In 2018, my team at Mitosis Games was given a Herculean task: create an entire slot game, start to finish, in 3 months! This seemed like a tall order given that our previous title, Magic Meadow, had taken a full year to create.

However, with some elbow grease and some VERY careful repurposing of technology from Magic Meadow, we successfully soft launched with our awesome family mansion adventure/slot machine wonderland of opulence.

I'm just proud as punch of some of the designs I did, so this will act as kind of a living gallery until I get a full case study online!

Here are Tamara and Felix, a couple of young upstarts charged with renovating a crumbling family mansion.

This is our mansion scene, that the player gets to decorate with their slot winnings.

The slots lobby was designed to bucketize the slots available to the user at the present time. I also designed the slot buttons to have variable heights, so we could highlight the newest and most exciting content.

You'll notice that the bottom and top bars were carefully architected to preserve the positioning of universally useful information, while enabling in-context information to swap in and out depending on the user's context

I designed big theatrical moments like the Level Up to be punchy and high-contrast, and really celebrate the moments when important currencies are awarded.

The store was a fun challenge. I designed a scalable array of packages that would grow with us, and created larger cards to upsell fancier coin packages and let the user know about any particular fringe benefits.

Use your winnings to fix up the mansion and get all the tea on an intriguing family mystery!